Advancing Your Freedom

I am running because I've been watching the government overstep its boundaries for years. I can't in good conscience stand by and wait for someone in the system to do what is right any longer. I want my family to have complete freedom with our bodies and I believe you should too! The government has been made up of two terrible options for far too long. It is time to see what another party can do!

Your support is greatly needed to help get the word out that you will not stand for a state run tyranny. Your rights to your body and livelihood are too important. Please donate.

Ideas are conveyed through speech. If we censor speech we lose the diversity of ideas. If we still have liberty it should not be the job of government to decide what speech is acceptable. "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear" George Orwell

The War on Drugs has been a failure for over 50 years of wasted tax dollars. It has led to a mass incarceration, violations of civil liberties, and death. last year alone we lost more American citizens in this war than in the 14 years the US was involved in the Vietnam war.  Addiction is a health issue. Not a criminal justice issue. It is time to END the War on DRUGS!